Waste-to-energy facility, Ivry, Paris 13

At the crossroads between Ivry and Paris, this new waste-to-energy facility defines and amplifies the interplay between the city’s different elements: the residential towers of the soon to be Masséna neighbourhood, the périphérique, the town of Ivry, the railway tracks, the river Seine, the square… It simultaneously unifies and fragmentates itself in order to play its urban and industrial role. Via its porosity, it also contributes to the town’s qualities and development. Thanks to its vast green areas, its gardens and greenhouses, the new plant contributes to the emergence of a landscape that fosters the development of an urban biodiversity, thereby mirroring the organic nature of its purpose.

Metropolitan agency for household waste

Main Contractors
Groupement IP13
Project representative: Suez Environment
with Sita, Vinci Environment – Inova – Eiffage TP/ Chantiers Modernes BTP – Vinci Energies / Satelec
Architect: AIA Architectes
Environmental expertise: AIA Environnement
Engineering: Bonnard et Gardel

Household waste treatment for 84 Ile-de-France municipalities

81,000 m² usable area

€1B Tax-Free

Delivery 2023

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