State of mind

First and foremost, AIA Life Designers is born of a creative wager made in 1965. It strove to enable dialogue between architects and engineers within a single structure. Today, we are a tightly knit group of architecture enthusiasts: architects, engineers, economists, urban planners, landscapers and site supervisors. Pluridisciplinarity runs deep in our DNA. Moreover we draw our strength from a culture of transversality and shared architecture. We stand for a firm vision of cooperative creation, because the art of building is what drives us and brings us together. With due regard to the differences that enrich us, we believe in autonomy, the power of initiative, and the necessity to promote an open creative process that gives everyone the possibility of expressing his talent and curiosity. Our projects are always imbued with a spirit of collective adventure, as well as a commitment to table innovative architectural solutions buttressed by technological excellency. For our customers and our teams, we promote a culture of solidarity and attention to others. Building with AIA Life Designers is a responsible commitment. One that seeks to reflect upon the future of our cities and dream of works that will foster the health and wellbeing of future populations.