University Hospital, Caen

In Caen “one could not simply improve the pre-existing. The choice was clear-cut: close down or rebuild. I chose to rebuild.” These are the words uttered in 2016 by Marisol Touraine, Health Minister. The stark figure cut by the hospital designed in 1970 by the architect Henri Bernard will soon fade away from the Côte de Nacre and disappear from the skies of Caen. Far from established templates, Caen’s future hospital is a model of openness, luminosity and flow management. It is built around a vast public square which acts as a focus point of a diverse urban life. This place of convergence is at the heart of a group of five buildings that host the different units: research, diagnosis, care, accommodation and administration. This innovative and diverse approach to the hospital complex strives to achieve adaptability in order to meet the increasingly complex demands related to patient services. The structure is a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with a biology unit dedicated to academic and clinic research as well as surgery department focussed on ambulant procedures. Its emergency ward is exceptionally spacious and ensures that the patients will be taken care of at all times, starting in 2026.

Caen University Hospital

Main Contractors
Architect and project representative: AIA Architects
Urban planning: Diagram Architectes Urbanistes
Orientation system: Intégral Ruedi Baur
Engineering and economy: AIA Engineering
Structural engineering, roads and networks: studies: AIA Engineering
Building site: Incom
Fluid engineering: studies: AIA Engineering, building site: Inset
Environment: AIA Environment
Scheduling, Overseeing, Coordination: AIA Management
Landscaping: AIA Territories
Logistics: CERCLH
Laboratory design: 2B Concept Consulting
Micro-implantation: Ideal Medical Products Engineering
Geotechnical studies: Fondasol

Reconstruction of the University Hospital at the north of Caen: medicine and surgery, medicotechnical services, logistics and administration, biology unit (currently spread out on two sites), technical facilities (medical fluid supply, heating, cooling, IT, water supply, sanitation)

110,000 m², 1 049 beds and spaces. Site: 12.5 hectares

Competition jury: 27 March 2018
Delivery anticipated phase: 2022
Delivery main building: 2026

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