[PROJECT] The renovation project of the Hôtel de Broglie, which serves as the offices for members of the French National Assembly, was inaugurated at the end of 2023 under the name “Olympe de Gouges Building.”

This transformation of the Hôtel de Broglie represents an unprecedented metamorphosis, skillfully blending the historical richness of this architectural gem with contemporary requirements for workspace.

This real estate complex, consisting of 3 buildings resulting from constructions spread over three centuries, has undergone a unique evolution from its initial construction in 1720 to the office buildings erected in 1921 on the same plot. The Hôtel de Broglie stands out for its diverse history, and it is this diversity that formed the starting point for its renewal.

Learn more about the project and its history.

Thanks to the team led by Frédéric Nantois, associated architect at AIA Life Designers, and @deshoulieres Jeanneau at MH.

Photos © Sergio Grazia.