[PROJECT] #Site visit to the Pierre de Coubertin high school in Meaux.

On Monday, December 4th, the construction site visit to Meaux High School highlighted the wood construction organized by the Île-de-France Region and AMENAGEMENT 77. Laurent Pierrat-Bonneval was our guide to explore the wood and wood-concrete hybrid structure of the future avionics hall in this center of excellence.

The project involves the renovation and extension of Pierre de Coubertin High School, built in 1965, carried out as part of the Recovery Plan, aiming to upgrade obsolete teaching spaces.

Two construction projects are underway in occupied spaces to renovate and expand this aging and undersized establishment in light of the number of students attending, and to develop the aeronautics teaching center. The latter is being completed first. The renovation and expansion of the high school are intended to bring the teaching center up to standard and accommodate the aeronautics program in good conditions. This program will cover an area of nearly 3,045 m2 and accommodate 270 students. All the buildings, including the cafeteria, dormitory, school life spaces, and the hangar—which will house various sections of an Airbus fuselage—have been completely redesigned by the architectural teams at AIA Life Designers, managed by Thomas Decousser.

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Photos © Christine Hoarau-Beauval.