[PROJECT] #Groupe MALERBA launches construction of its new headquarters in Thizy-les-Bourgs (69)

French leader in building door sets, Groupe MALERBA, has initiated the construction of its new headquarters in Thizy-les-Bourgs (69). In March, the project kicked off with the AIA Life Designers team from Lyon, including Delphine Beji, Marion Michaut, Céline Massiani, Lucas Viala, Sylvain VILCOT, and Alexandre Loctin. We were able to share the architectural vision of the project with all representatives from designated companies.

This project embodies and brings together Malerba’s company values – Innovation, Excellence, and Humanity – while addressing ambitious goals of quality, ecology, and adaptability. Environmental sustainability has been a focal point with the use of bio-sourced materials and innovative energy solutions such as geothermal heating and photovoltaic panels.

The identity of the location revolves around the concept of “Home”, featuring striking architectural elements and workspaces designed to encourage exchanges and collaboration. Flexibility and agility are at the core of the design, with adaptable spaces that cater to users’ needs, identified through inclusive co-design work with users in ongoing dialogue. This project blends innovation, sustainability, and local commitment in a pledge of quality for Groupe Malerba’s employees.

Expected completion: fourth quarter of 2025.

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