[EVENT] #OfficialLaunch of La French Care Pays de la Loire on September 21st at the City Healthcare exhibition at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes.

For Emmanuelle Gaudemer, ambassador of La French Care Pays de la Loire and Development Director – partner at AIA Life Designers, “La French Care was born a year ago at the national level. Its local adaptation in Pays de la Loire aims to create new synergies among healthcare stakeholders, both public and private. It will promote innovation in healthcare, contribute to job creation, foster collaborations between the healthcare sector and other communities (La French Tech, La French Fab, FRENCH TOUCH FACTORY…), and support the development of interdisciplinary innovative projects.”

The regional dynamism is supported by six collaborative networks promoting innovation in Health Industries and Technologies: Gérontopôle des Pays de la Loire (Gerontopole), ADN Ouest (digital technologies), @GCS e-santé Pays de la Loire (digital health policy), Nova CHILD (child well-being), Images & Réseaux (hardware and software), and @Vegepolis Valley (plant development and nutrition).

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