[CALL FOR PROJECTS]: #Innovative solution to help to improve the design of our towns.

Innovative solutions to help to improve the design of our towns,  through architecture committed to Global Health, the Environment and the Well-being of all. You want to innovate at the heart of our projects, AIA Life Designers, a creative and dynamic architecture and engineering firm, to carry our vision of an architecture committed to well-being, […]

[PROJECT] #Winner of Ilot 1.4, Porte de Valenciennes in Lille.

We are proud to be the architects in the joint venture that has won the Ilot 1.4, Porte de Valenciennes in Lille. An 8000 m2 service sector building with a forest inspired by the precepts of Miyawaki.Located strategically at the crossroads of several axes, Ilot 1.4 is the last requalification milestone for the mixed neighbourhood […]

[CONFERENCE] #AIA Foundation: How can health and vulnerability issues renew town planning?

We willingly believe that health falls under genetic heritage and medicine. But these two criteria only contribute one third to our health. The remainder is influenced by our living environment, which is the product of laws, town planning schemes and lifestyles. Health is therefore not so much individual as collective.  In town planning practices, standardisation […]

[PROJECT] #A tree to mark the start of the Chaumes-en-Retz school site.

The laying of the first stone of the Collège de Chaumes-en-Retz marks the start of a site that is part of a virtuous global design in step with the values of the AIA Life Designers group. Strong points: using low-carbon materials bio-sourced insulation made of hemp, flax and cotton.Outside planting, especially in the recreation areas […]

[PROJECT] #A year end with plenty of site launches!

And we’re off for Le Carrousel, Multimodal Interchange Hub and service sector building in Nantes! The first stone for this mixed service sector building project was laid on Saturday in the presence of Johanna Rolland BATINANTES Nantes Métropole. – four levels of Multimodal hub and five office floors,A floor dedicated entirely to bicycles with 1200 […]

[PROJECT] #Porte de Gesvres development site.

#SITE Launched in June 2021, the Porte de Gesvres development site on the A11 motorway and Nantes ring road is continuing. On Thursday, 3 November, the first structural component of the future west viaduct was launched, a spectacular site event that we are sharing with you. Our AIA Ingénierie teams Christophe Dubut BUSSOLINO Eric are […]

[CONFERENCE] #Profession: Architect, contrasting views for the Architecture Days.

As part of the National Architecture Days 2022, AIA Life Designers wished to explore the theme of “The Profession of Architect today”. This profession has not stopped determining its own role in line with expectations in terms of environmental commitment, the challenges of technical excellence and digital transition and also the integration of new cultural […]

[PROJECT] #Imminent delivery of the Institut de Physique in Nice.

To mark the National Architecture Days, we are sharing with you a few photos of the Institut de Physique in Nice. Imminent delivery for an ambitious teaching and research building which yesterday received the Building of the Future Prize during the Salon des Maires alongside the UNIVERSITE DE NICE. > Find out more about the […]

[EVENT] #AIA Life Designers invites you to the National Architecture Days 2022.

Nantes, 14 October – Tour of the Salle à Tracer (Mould Loft) Guided tours of our architecture agency, an industrial heritage building converted into committed offices (registration mandatory, limited number of places). In 1920, the Dubigeon shipyards in Bas Chantenay saw the completion of the Salle à Tracer, an emblematic site of Nantes’ shipbuilding industry. […]