[VISIT] The “Grand-Age” (Old Age) workshop exploring innovative homes in Bordeaux.

The Grand-Age workshop visited Bordeaux to explore two homes and two ways of living for the elderly. A way for us to associate practice with our theoretical research reflections.

Our goal? Observe the interaction of the users with these spaces to understand what works well and less well, what facilitates and embellishes life and what is missing. It was also an excellent opportunity for us to interview the people most involved: the residents, young and old, and the actors and major witnesses of the Grand Age to understand its realities.

On the programme:

-Concert’ô, Logévie, an intergenerational home on the theme of TEEMA music (architect: Leibar and Segneurin),

-Oréa, Aquitanis, a joint intergenerational home (by éo toutes architectures).

These visits and all our Grand Age workshops help us to build up a response to act as a relay between the accommodation and the EHPAD (residential care homes) platform in the future.