Roland-Garros International Airport, Réunion Island

Natural ventilation, wood structure, bio-sourced materials, tropical plants, panoramic views… The future terminal simultaneously fits into the island’s splendiferous landscape and sublimates it. The architectural approach draws inspiration from the mountain’s skyline as well as from the green canyons. An arrival hall will be added to the existing one currently sitting parallel to the runway that is used for departures and arrivals. This new arrival hall will be perpendicular to the old building, thus creating a new air flow. A vegetal canyon cuts through the whole length of the new structure. The undulating roof leverages the trade winds to create a low-pressure area that extracts the interior air. The conception opts for natural ventilation as an answer to the bioclimatic ambition of the programme as well as to the electricity use restriction of 135 kWh/m2 and per year. It also relies on vast amounts of indoor and outdoor vegetation, as well as on wood, for structure and casing. The indoor thermal comfort achieved via natural ventilation is unique for an international airport of that size.

La Réunion Roland-Garros Airport
Guillaume Branlat, Chairman of the Management Board

Main Contractors
Architect : AIA Architectes
Associated Architect : Olivier Brabant (Saint-Pierre)
Engineering and economy : AIA Ingénierie
Engineering roads and networks structure : studies : AIA Ingénierie ; site : Incom (Saint-Denis)
Fluid engineering: studies : AIA Ingénierie ; site: Inset (Saint-Denis)
Environmental expertise : AIA Environnement
Airport expertise : AD-ET (Switzerland)
Landscaping: AIA Territoires

New terminal next to the existing airport.

22,000 m²

€50M Tax-Free

Competition 2018
Delivery 2024

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