Hospital Complex Princess Grace, Principality de Monaco

Overlooking the Monaco bay, the new hospital complex oscillates between the urban world and the spirit of nature, while achieving symbiosis with its unique surroundings. Architects are tasked with the transformation of the existing hospital into a balcony with a sea view, while ensuring the continuity of care. They are designing vast, efficient and scalable technical platforms, thanks to the greened plinth that allows space savings and helps them manage the continuity of existing roads. The building rises from the plinth, outlining arches that open onto an extensive gazebo overlooking the sea on one side and the reception on the other. Towards sky and mountain, the building’s architectural blueprint unfolds into a corolla: thus giving most of the rooms a view on the sea. The plan includes openings, interior patios, and natural light sources at the heart of the hospital. Elevated landscaped gardens bloom in these inroads and on the rooftops, in the spirit of Monaco’s exotic gardens. The gazebo’s square is open to the public, whereas the terraces are solely for patients. A white shade house protects the façade. Made up of suspended solar shading blades, it undulates, akin to a light piece of cloth caressed by a delicate draft. It’s drape-like shape creates curved openings onto the sea and horizon. This shell lets air freely circulate, filters the sun’s rays, and plays a crucial part as thermal regulator. Based on an innovative method, the architectural approach of this facility brings the best technical and functional solutions to the table, in order to provide the best quality of healthcare and services. Last but not least, it also integrates ambitious environmental solutions. This work is result of a fresh look on what architecture can mean for a hospital.

Principality de Monaco
Project Owner assistant: Icade Promotion

Main Contractors
International Architect: AIA Life Designers
Monegasque Architect: Natacha Morin Innocenti
Design studio for fluid engineering, roads and networks, overview, coordination of fire safety systems & economy: AIA Ingénierie
Scheduling, Overseeing, Coordination: AIA Management
Design studio for structure and elevators: Tractebel Engineering
Environmental expertise: AIA Environnement
Landscaping: AIA Territoires
OPC : AIA Management

Reconstruction of the new Hospital Complex Princess Grace:
– Full Hospital: surgery and obstetrics
Woman-Mother-Child unit and emergency ward
– 20 operating rooms
– 394 beds and spaces
– Restaurant, pharmacy, offices, kitchens,
Laundry room
– Public parking (650 spaces)

85,000 m² net floor area, 394 beds and spaces

€358M tax-free (value January 2013)

Delivery: 2027

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