CETEX Semitan Nantes

AIA Life Designers has won the new CETEX SEMITAN on the site of La Babinière in La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, municipality of Nantes Métropole.
Our Ville Ressource subsidiary (major facility infrastructures) is gaining access to an exciting new experience serving public transport. After the future workshop-garage of the Tram 10 built in Châtenay-Malabry, AIA Life Designers associated with DLW Architects and GESTE Engineering for the rail infrastructure was chosen in competition to dream up the future operation and maintenance centre for the SEMITAN tramways.

Project Owner

Project Manager
Lead architect: AIA Architectes
Co-contracting Architect: DLW Architectes
All buildings trades engineering + Economics: AIA Ingénierie
SCMC: AIA Management
Sustainable development: AIA Environnement
Railway Design Office: Geste Ingénierie
Kitchen Design Office: GEFI Ingénierie
Acoustic engineering: Tysseyre + Associés


Connection of the existing lines 1 and 2 and the future radial organisation of tramway travel flows,
Construction of a huge workshop (12,000 m²) for simultaneous repair of seventeen new generation tramsets,
Construction of the new SEMITAN corporate and administrative headquarters.

Surface area:

CETEX surface area: 16,801 m2 floor area
Corporate headquarters surface area: 7,833 m2 floor area (+ 100-space car park infrastructure)

Competition panel: 2 July 2019
Delivery phase 1 CETEX November 2025
Delivery phase 2 headquarters November 2027

Sémitan, Nantes

Main Contractors
Architecte mandataire : AIA Architectes Architecte cotraitant : DLW Architectes Ingénierie TCE + Economie : AIA Ingénierie OPC : AIA Management Développement durable : AIA Environnement Bureau d’études ferroviaire : Geste Ingénierie Bureau d’études cuisines : GEFI Ingénierie Ingénierie acoustique :Tysseyre + Associés

CETEX : 16 801 m² SP, Siège social : 7 833 m² SP (+ parking en infrastructure de 100 places)

41,7 M€ HT (CETEX : 28 / Siège social : 13,7)

Livraison phase 1 : CETEX, novembre 2025 Livraison phase 2 : Siège social, novembre 2027

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