[PROJECT] #Wins for three of our projects under the “Sustainable city demonstrators” AMI (call for expression of interest).

#WINS For three of our projects under the “Sustainable city demonstrators” AMI thanks to our building-integrated solutions for. 

– Thermal technology renewable energy production, Ferney-Voltaire town car park.
– Thermal technology Compressed Air Storage with zero pollution and minimum carbon assessment, AIA Air4Power® patent.
– Charging and hiring of small vehicles with zero GHS compressed air for short distances/Geneva Airport return.

To support the ecology transition of territories, this AMI aims to create a national network of demonstrators at block or neighbourhood scale, illustrating the diverse challenges of the ecology transition and sustainable development of French urban spaces. This programme is part of the “Solutions for the sustainable city and innovative buildings” acceleration strategy and the “Live in the France of Tomorrow” initiative launched by the Government to encourage understated, resilient, inclusive and productive towns. 
Thank you to Joël GiraudEmmanuelle WargonANRU – Agence Nationale pour la Rénovation UrbaineBanque des Territoires and the members of the panel.

Consult the special file on our Ferney-Voltaire project in AMC Architecture.

Thank you Frédéric Mialet for this excellent file on urban car parks.