[PROJECT] #Winner of the Lycée Pierre de Coubertin in Meaux.

We are delighted to start the year with this wonderful teaching project!
We have been appointed by AMENAGEMENT 77Eric FreitasNina Bergery to renovate the Lycée Pierre de Coubertin, Meaux (77100). (11 211 m² to be renovated and 9 720 m² to be built).
In the ICM team: BEGC designer of large kitchens, Marshall Day Acoustics, STM Engineering & Environment.

A pilot project which combines high quality of use, Lean management and BIM.

Our project team:
ADRIEN PAPORELLO, Thomas DecousserMorgane LassaigneFrederic LEBRETONFrançois Clausier Demannoury and Sébastien Prud’Homme#architecture#teaching#method#sustainabledevelopment#circulareconomy