[PROJECT] #Winner of the 2023 National Grand Prize for Engineering for the extension of Roland Garros Airport on the island of La Réunion.

The new bioclimatic terminal at Réunion Island’s airport has won the 2023 Syntec-Ingénierie National Grand Prize for Engineering. “It is a remarkable project of very high quality, which rewards the collaborative work of engineers and architects and the audacity carried by the project owner,” said Jury President Paul Leduc. This achievement is particularly moving, as Eric Bussolino stated, “We went back to the basics of engineering and science by prioritizing concrete physical experiments.” Guillaume Branlat, President of the Executive Board, reaffirmed the environmental ambitions of this unique and virtuous project for the island on multiple fronts, led hand in hand by all stakeholders, not forgetting the local companies.

The use of natural ventilation, coupled with direct light input, will reduce the energy consumption of the extension by approximately 60% at the public opening in February 2024, compared to an equivalent building that would be air-conditioned to the same comfort level.

🙌 Congratulations to the teams: William Leroux, Alexis Autret, Bricia Tavares Vanden-Berghe, Jacques Gandemer, Trystan Perraud, Mathilde Miqueu, Marc Delanoë, Jean-Louis Hoareau, Marc Lecam, Pierre Reibel, Jean-Baptiste Le Guen, Olivier maillard, Olivier Brabant. Arbonis, Vinci Construction, Cancé Constructeur Métallique.

And thank you to Syntec-Ingénierie and the Jury.

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©AIA Life Designers, architecte – Photos : Studio Lumière.