[PROJECT] #”Passive Building – Passivhaus” official labelling of the Spatium Habitat 76 in Rouen.

The new Habitat 76 headquarters is part of a wider operation that also includes the construction of housing (designed by AIA Life Designers and Atelier Bettinger Desplanques). For the Spatium, AIA Architects expressed the guiding principles and values of the social landlord through ambitious but not ostentatious architecture. The 6,000 m2 of office space is thus developing an innovative approach focused not only on energy and environmental performance, but also on the quality and comfort of the work spaces offered to employees. It is this shared ambition that is rewarded here by this demanding Label.

PassivHaus is a German label that guarantees unprecedented energy performances. Its goal: certify passive buildings that consume very little energy and which can do without a conventional heating system, mainly through using solar heat, good glazing, perfect insulation, control of thermal bridges, etc. as well as a highly-efficient ventilation system.

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