[PROJECT] #Le Carrousel in Nantes, Pyramides d’Argent Prize 2022!

Le Carrousel in Nantes, Pyramides d’Argent Prize 2022! This complex was born of the challenge of finding a simple response to the programmatics complexity caused by the superimposition of a Multimodal Interchange Hub advocating soft mobilities and of two service sector buildings. It is therefore a project sketched out by its flows, where user comfort, readability of spaces and access and huge environmental ambition have been the start points for the design.
The offices feature an enhanced wood design with a focus on exposed wood, creating a unique and warm atmosphere for the users: wooden structure and CLT solid wood floor visible thanks to the technical equipment being integrated into the raised floor. 
A huge suspended garden 12 m high located between the two units creates the link between the various programmes, a green lung at the heart, supporting biodiversity and acting as an invitation to escape in an urban environment that encourages the overall health of users and creates an island of freshness.
Le Carrousel includes a strong and demonstrative environmental dimension in anticipation of the future RE2020 regulations, ecological restoration for the town and forming part of a health-friendly approach to town planning. It achieves the ambitious objective E3C2 thanks to a bioclimatic, low-tech and decarbonised design.

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