[PROJECT] #Inauguration of Rives d’Orléans for the Orange Group.

#INAUGURATION On 7 April we joined the teams from Orange Pierre Jacobs and PERIAL AM Eric Cosseratto inaugurate Rives d’Orléans.

The architectural programme developed by our teams (Frédéric nantois, Antoine Wattecamps) over 6,500 m2 has brought together teams in a single location that were until now spread over four sites in the vicinity. Apart from the challenge of centralising part of the Orange Group activities, the project responds to the ambitions of new working methods and resulting needs whilst anticipating those that will undoubtedly emerge in the future. Thus, it is not only characterised by its flexibility but also by being anchored in a burgeoning district. Choosing to align the buildings with the traffic routes has also meant that the heart of the block is preserved, with a huge garden created over 1,500 m2.

Thank you to everyone for this fine inauguration!

Corinne Jolly, Adrien Paporello, Christine Hoarau – Beauval, Nicolas Jullien, Eric Houviez.

#office #flexibility #newuses #collaborative #transparency #architecturedesign

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