[PROJECT] #Delivery of Piscine Georges Vallerey, Training Site for Paris 2024.

We are proud to share with you the stunning photos of Piscine Georges Vallerey, the training site for Paris 2024 – organized by the Olympic and Paralympic Games Committee of 2024, renovated by AIA Life Designers. A cherished monument for Parisians and an architecture transformed from within:

  • A retractable roof for swimming under the open sky,
  • Fully renovated and redesigned changing rooms and reception area,
  • A virtuous project of circular economy: old framework = new furniture,
  • Modernized signage, new stylish lighting, and an entire system upgraded to meet water and air treatment standards.

Thanks to Hugo Hébrard for these beautiful photos that highlight this project by the AIA Life Designers teams: Guillaume BOUDIEUX, Cédric GENTON, Romain VIAULT, Clotilde de Beaurepaire, Patricia Escribano Merino, Nabil BENAARBIA, Adrien PAPORELLO.

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