[PROJECT] #Award for the reconstruction of the Bohars Hospital in Finistère.

AIA Life Designers have won the contract to reconstruct the Bohars psychiatric hospital.

Opened in 1975, the Bohars hospital quickly made a name for itself in North Finistère but, today, its design does not really match the changes in psychiatric care any longer.
With its obsolete shape evoking a fortress rather than a place open to the world and encouraging exchanges, the hospital will disappear and give way to a structure rebuilt on the existing site.

This new establishment is installed on a 21-hectare plot and covers 10.485 m2 of usable area. The 197-bed hospital comprises a concourse, a medico-administrative area, a health crisis unit, a residential school, three sectors dedicated to adults, a Geriatric psychiatry sector and a child psychiatry sector. The work will be carried out in two phases.

Delivery is planned for the end of 2027.

Congratulations to our Lorient agency for its work on the subject!!!

#committedarchitecture #biophilia #carefor

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Perspectives et film: ©NASKA