[PROJECT] AIA Ingénierie wins the footbridge over the A1 at Le Bourget-Dugny.

#WINNER: Congratulations to our AIA Ingénierie teams(Olivier Canat, Pierre Chassagne) within the joint venture led by COLAS withEXPLORATIONS ARCHITECTURE, Yves Pagès/D’ICI LA landscape designers/SEMOFI/@simonin, for the design/creation of the footbridge over the A1 at Le Bourget-Dugny for Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques – SOLIDEO.
Thank you everyone, we are proud to be involved in this fine joint venture!#softmobility #bridge #engineeredstructure #engineering #architecture #landscape

©picture : Explorations architecture

©picture : AIA Ingénierie