[PROJECT] #A tree to mark the start of the Chaumes-en-Retz school site.

The laying of the first stone of the Collège de Chaumes-en-Retz marks the start of a site that is part of a virtuous global design in step with the values of the AIA Life Designers group.

Strong points: using low-carbon materials bio-sourced insulation made of hemp, flax and cotton.
Outside planting, especially in the recreation areas which will be far more than sports fields.
A significant place is given over to soft mobilities (developed cycle access and premises).
The six hundred pupils will start at their new school in September 2024 after the summer holidays.

Attended by: (left to right)

Vincent Danis, Deputy Vice-President for Education and Education Policy, Département de Loire-Atlantique,
Karine Fouquet,  Machecoul-Saint Même departmental advisor (and Chaumes-en-Retz town councillor),
Pierre Martin, Pornic departmental advisor,
Jacky Drouet, Mayor of Chaumes,
Michel Ménard, Chairman of the Department
and Cécile Hutteau, Director of the AIA Life Designers site.

AIA Life Designers architects (Céline Leduby, Richard Legal).

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