[LIVE] Retrospective on the debate about the “Developer – Architect” relationship within the framework of the presentation of the book “Developer Architect” by Ante Prima Business Immo.

Let’s go back to one of late 2021’s high points, honouring an emblematic project by our  Grand Hôtel Dieu branch in Lyons and our convictions with regard to: urban planning for health, renovating heritage and collaborating on complex subjects which require all our expertise. Many thanks to Luciana Ravanel, Anteprima Edizioni Business Immo, Archipel Maison de l’Architecture Rhône-Alpes bookstore, for having enabled this debate on the “Developer – Architect” relationship and which was led by Jean-Philippe Hugron, and introduced by Delphine Beji, with PATRICK HARDY, Bernard Vitiello and Guillaume Dumas