La Verrière’s site will transform the approach to mental health

Created in 1960, La Verrière not only marked the MGEN‘s real estate history, but also transformed the approach to mental health. In this therapeutical “village”, relationships with others, #nature and #culture are essential. Since it outset the programme has had a #care centre, theatre, music rooms and a shared restaurant for both staff and residents, all surrounded by nature.
More than just a question of architecture, the debate around rebuilding this estate was above all the occasion to implement AIA Life Designers‘ conclusions on #resilience and link these with the design of spaces which favour the #well-being of those who are vulnerable, their carers and companions.

Thank you to Jérémie Sécher and all the teams at MGEN.
And the project team with Emmanuelle Gaudemer  jerome bataille ADRIEN PAPORELLO Vuillemard Gilles and SPIE.
Architecture committed to #well-being and #care