Health crisis : our group conceives a “totally new” field hospital

HOSPI-CAMP: an innovative way of constructing a field hospital

To meet the current pandemic situation and the resultant need for emergency equipment, our group comprises multiple, proven skills in building health care or modular establishments.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the group has been driven to propose an off-site construction method that can be rolled out in six weeks, to facilitate access to field hospitals to support current establishments with their logistics and health care.

This involves creating a hospital module called HOSPI-CAMP. Simple to assemble, it is quickly deployed and offers additional spaces for intensive care and emergency units, operating theatres, accommodation, etc.

The conceived project features a wealth of innovations: off-site manufacture, BIM design, cross-disciplinary project and concurrent engineering monitoring, long-lasting structures that can be re-used for other missions and e-learning for assembly teams.

A complete system that promotes environmental protection in particular by using wooden structures.

 For further information, consult the HOSPI-CAMP LEAFLET


  • Design and Production: AIA Life Designers and LECO Construction
  • Hospital programming: Anagramme Conseil
  • Medical Advisor: Jean-Pierre Dewitt
  • Execution: SNERCT Construction and various regional micro-businesses and SME
  • Technical and regulatory compliance of the concept and its implementation: SOCOTEC
  • Supply of construction materials and mobilisation of trade network: SAINT-GOBAIN
  • Logistics and transport management: IDEA Logistique
  • Component sourcing and procurement: EXSO
  • Legal support: Cabinet GB2A

Pictures : AIA LIFE DESIGNERS © Marc Soulier