[EXHIBITION] How are we doing? The Programme for the AIA Foundation’s exhibition

The AIA Foundation’s exhibition “How are we doing?” will be inaugurated on 25 September! Just a few weeks from the event, this is the occasion to reveal the programme. The exhibition will take place at the same time as the 17th Venice Biennale.

Highlights of the inauguration:

  • Introduction by Jean-François Capeille (AIA Foundation)
  • Guided tour of the exhibition by Marc Armengaud (AWP), Jean-François Capeille, Olivia Rousseaux (AIA Life Designers) and Simon Davies (AIA Life Designers)
  • Projection of an interview with Claude Evin, barrister in Paris and former Managing Director of the Paris Region Health Agency
  • Debate: “How are we doing?” moderated by the urban historian Christine Hoarau-Beauval, (AIA Life Designers) with Cédric Arcos, Deputy CEO Ile-de-France region, Daniel Nizri, cancerologist, Patrizia Ingallina, professor in Space & Urban Development, Sorbonne University Foundationand Salvatore Russo, professor at the UniversityCa’

These debates are organised by the AIA Foundation in partnership with Emmaüs Habitat-Abbé Pierre Foundation and the Sorbonne-University Foundation with the scientific commission.

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