[EVENT] National Architecture Days – Urban wandering … How to enjoy the city? Paris, Lyon and Nantes.

[EVENT] National Architecture Days – Urban wandering … How to enjoy the city? Paris, Lyon and Nantes

Designing a city where life together is sweet?  This is the main job of an architect – designer. More than just a simple objective, it is a complex responsibility, which today more than ever affects each and every one of us. 

The health crisis has revealed the gap between our living spaces, as well as the crucial role of “city makers”. Health is not just about specialists, genetics or medicine. Our quality of life is directly influenced by urban development plans, the quality of constructions, materials and the volume of our shared buildings, whatever the programme. 

To better understand these stakes, which are not only based on conceptual thinking, but which are anchored in the reality of our daily lives as city dwellers, we invite you to wander through the city with us. Observing the streets, perspectives, buildings, urban nature … are an educational way to better appreciate the history of our built environment. 

Three journeys in Lyon, Paris and Nantes to explore the quality of our cities in terms of our collective health. The aim of AIA Life Designers has been urban development for health* for over 10 years. This exploration which combines heritage, modern and contemporary architecture will also help you discover some of our emblematic projects and perhaps find the answer to a question which is both simple and complex, aiming to solve architecte in all projects: How can we build a health-positive city? 

Look around you and ask yourself how the different places on our map influence our physical and mental well-being: cool, noise, diversity, bio-sourced materials, access, unspoilt views, aesthetics, the place of biodiversity, local services …  

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* These debates are led by our AIA Foundation “Architecture – Health – Environment”. Discover, on the occasion of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, the exhibition “How are we doing?”  – from 01 September to 21 November 2021.