[EVENT] #Exhibition: “Illuminating Our Construction Sites” by AIA Project Management Paris.

#EVENT Today at AIA Life Designers Paris, the inauguration of an exhibition conceived by the AIA Project Management teams took place, shedding light on construction sites. The National Architecture Days organized by the Order of Architects are also an opportunity to discuss construction sites. Both challenging and beautiful, it is an essential phase in the existence of the project, but also a long and laborious period, outside the walls, subject to uncertainties and distant outcomes. “Seeing the project materialize is a unique feeling,” say those who follow it. And today, they share it through images. These photos capture moments of cranes, walls, structures, gradually bringing the work of all our Life Designers to life.

A big thank you to Mévéna Le Jeune, Julieta Maiorano for this initiative, and to Sabrina Merle, Christine Hoarau – Beauval, Clothilde Carton, Charlotte Perrier-Janitor, Fatoumata Diagouraga, and Giuseppe Politi for the conception, production, and organization.