[PROJECT] #Winner of the Child Brain Institute at Robert Debré Hospital in Paris.

AIA Life Designers has been awarded the project for the Child Brain Institute at Robert Debré. The establishment of this research, care, and training institute of excellence, supported by AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris), Inserm, Université Paris Cité, CEA, and Institut Pasteur, was announced by President Emmanuel Macron during the Mental Health Conference in September 2021. This dedicated building on the site of Robert Debré AP-HP Hospital will open its doors in 2027.

📌 Our project is based on bioclimatic architecture, providing a refuge in an urban environment. The building is protected by a shell, a kind of “mineral skin” that gives it its identity and encourages dialogue with the nearby ring road.

The entrance is designed to alleviate the stress inherent in any hospital visit. Inside, the journey for children and their companions is warm and soothing. Our architects have envisioned a fantastic interior, detached from the conventions of healthcare architecture and designed to stimulate dreams in the bioclimatic atrium.

Nature, at the heart of the program, serves as a vector of well-being for all users. The work and rest spaces, as well as the paths marked by vegetation, ensure comfortable and pleasant working conditions for healthcare professionals in a place that requires a great deal of empathy.

🙏 We are very proud, we thank the project sponsors, and we congratulate the teams!

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