[CONFERENCE] #Profession: Architect, contrasting views for the Architecture Days.

As part of the National Architecture Days 2022, AIA Life Designers wished to explore the theme of “The Profession of Architect today”.

This profession has not stopped determining its own role in line with expectations in terms of environmental commitment, the challenges of technical excellence and digital transition and also the integration of new cultural and social models.

What methods and arrangements are in place in the agencies at all scales to support this change? What are the profiles that embody it?

This is the question we wished to ask our speakers during this new AIA Life Designers Talk.


Bruno Follin, AIA Life Designers Associate Architect, Director of Architecture and member of the Management Committee: Working in a team: relationship with the project in a matrix organisation.

Anne Speicher, Architect and Director, Baumschlager Eberle Architekten: In the wings of a large international agency.

Christophe Batard, ACMH, Associate 2BDM and Artène architectes: Heritage architect, between know-how and discretion.

Jean-Philippe Hugron, architectural journalist and critic.