[CONFERENCE] #AIA Foundation: How can health and vulnerability issues renew town planning?

We willingly believe that health falls under genetic heritage and medicine. But these two criteria only contribute one third to our health. The remainder is influenced by our living environment, which is the product of laws, town planning schemes and lifestyles. Health is therefore not so much individual as collective. 

In town planning practices, standardisation of both construction and uses has little by little set this health criterion aside as an essential prerequisite for communal living. And the pandemic crisis has once more made cross-disciplinary questioning the centre of the debate: how will tomorrow’s town take care of us? What path must we now sketch to bring the town closer to its care premises and take all vulnerabilities into account? 

Date: 14 December 2022, 6 p.m.

Place: Institut d’urbanisme et de géographie alpine (IUGA), 14 – 14 bis avenue Marie Reynoard, 38100 Grenoble.

6 p.m.: welcoming guests  
6.30 p.m.: Word of welcome from Olivier de La Barre, Chairman of the AIA Foundation.  
6.35 p.m.: Introduction to the context of Grenoble European Green Capital, Charles Ambrosino. 
6.45 p.m.: Round table of speakers. 
8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.: Cocktail receipt in the Territories Hall.  
+ Exhibitions of “Health-friendly town planning” panels, the case of the Presqu’île and Flaubert neighbourhoods in Grenoble. 

Information: Charlotte Perrier (c.perrier@a-i-a.fr) or Claire Duveau (c.duveau@a-i-a.fr)

Registration: mandatory, limited number of places):
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