AIA Life Designers has been awarded the renovation of the Georges Vallerey swimming-pool in Paris !

Our project is part of a long-term project : consolidate its past heritageredesign the premises of this leading destination (high level sports training for the Olympic Games 2024) and anticipate its future use (heritage for Parisians).

The project aims to improve:

  • Conditions for the public, as well as sportsmen and women
  • Accessibility inside the facilities
  • The swimming pool’s installations
  • The building envelope’s performance
  • The structure
  • Mission: Framework agreement for the awarding of subsequent project management markets to a single operator – Bundle 1 Georges Vallerey Swimming-pool
  • Project owner: Paris City Hall – Department of Youth & Sport – Facilities Service
  • Representative: AIA ARCHITECTES
  • Architects: AIA Architectes + Romain Viault ARCHITECT(S)
  • Structural engineering, electricity, roads & other networks, economy: AIA Ingénierie
  • Fluid engineering, air and water treatment for the swimming-pool (heat, energy, environment): BE Garnier
  • Circular economy, carbon footprint: Upcyclea
  • Fire prevention: Namixis
  • Scheduling, overseeing, coordination & worksite follow up: AIA Management de Projets
  • Award: December 2020
  • Delivery: October 2023

Image © Romain Viault